The UK’s Best Customer Experience Measurement

At the UK Customer Experience Awards, BMS® was crowned a Gold award winner for the UK’s Best Customer Experience Measurement. Not stopping there, PiP and BMS® also received a bronze award for Best Customer Experience Innovation, and is now recognised as the science behind delivering a great customer experience.


Call Quality Assurance Monitoring & Telephone Mystery Shopping

To ensure our clients achieve and maintain the highest quality of service and sales performance through their call handling teams we offer 2 telephone contact centre quality assurance approaches:

Telephone mystery shopping calls

Telephone mystery shopping calls are conducted by our experienced field-based telephone assessors, routed through our state of the art digital remote recording technology.

Call quality assurance monitoring

Contact centre quality assurance monitoring of clients existing call recordings are uploaded to our secure infrastructure. This approach allows our specialist team to review real customer calls.

The Behavioural Measurement Score (BMS®)

Our call quality assurance monitoring and telephone mystery shopping services evaluate call performance across a number of areas including the Behavioural Measurement Score (BMS®).

BMS® is a unique methodology for measuring and developing customer service behaviours in contact centre call operatives. This prescriptive methodology has now been adopted by over 100 UK brands and can measure customer service behaviours across a range of sales and service call formats, provide detailed analysis which can be benchmarked against the wider call centre industry.

Telephone Behaviours Face-to-Face Behaviours

How is BMS® used for Call Centres?

Call Centre Training & Coaching

Call Operative BMS® & Customer Service Training

Our telephone BMS® and Contact Centre Training workshops for call centre operatives, will introduce the concept of BMS®, how the 4 key telephone behaviours and contributing positive and negative characteristics can influence a customer experience and potential sales performance. Your people will learn how to deliver an excellent customer experience, above and beyond ‘process’ and ‘sales’ expectations. Improvements in BMS® has already proven to link directly to improvements in Mystery Shop, Customer Satisfaction Net Promoter Score® and Sales Performance.

Call Centre Coaching Services

Our coaching support workshops for line managers and team leaders introduces Continue and Begin Fast Coaching®, which provides the mechanism, approach and language patterns to create structure coaching for managers to coach their teams to improved customer service, process and customer service behaviours performance.

Customer service training
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