Service Standards Development Programme

Performance in People’s Service Standards Development programme is designed to establish an organisation’s core explicit service standards. We meet with senior managers, communicate with customers and work with retail and operational teams to create service standards that fit your commercial & cultural objectives, align to your customer expectations and are deliverable at customer facing level. Beyond the creation of service standards we can support organisations in the training and roll out of any new standards and their ongoing measurement and development.

Service standards are typically designed to:

Alignto thebusinessculture
Connectwith thecompanyvision
ExceedcustomerexpectationsMaximisecommercialperformanceEnsurestaffdeliverabilityAlignto thebusinesscultureConnectwith thecompanyvision

Client Feedback

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Customer Journey Map

As part of the customer service consultancy, Performance in People can create a Customer Journey Map. This is graphically designed to communicate in a simple structured way, the process and behavioural steps which ensure your people consistently deliver a service experience aligned to your new service standards.

Unbranded Customer Journey Map CJM

If your sales or service standards have not been revisited within the last 3 years, talk to us about the packages available to develop the up to date service standards for your business.

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