Performance in People provides auditing services in the following areas:


Housekeeping Audits

Sometimes our clients ask for mystery shopping visits to include checks on housekeeping standards, stock levels and customer facilities. To include this within a mystery shop would mean the assessor behaving in an unnatural way. However, this information is a vital part of the presentation of businesses to their customers. It is well known that people involved with a business on a day to day basis often fail to notice parts of their environment in need of attention. For example, signage, hedges, litter, paintwork etc.

That’s how we developed housekeeping audits! They are designed purely to monitor the ‘housekeeping’ and general environment of an outlet, including:

  • Parking
  • Signage
  • Cleanliness & Tidiness
  • Customer Facilities
  • Point of Sale/Marketing Material
  • Product Displays etc…

Auditing can be a very in-depth process covering every aspect of a business. Housekeeping audits concentrate on areas likely to be noticed by your customers directly. Performance in People housekeeping audits ideally take 20-30 minutes and therefore extremely cost effective.

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Website Audits

Performance in People provide website audit services to ensure your website and the websites of any channel partners/retailer are promoting products and services in a consistent brand compliant way. A screen recording of the website review is undertaken and supplied with the evaluation report as evidence of the audit. Criteria can include:

  • Brand standards
  • Protocol communication
  • Transparent stock availability
  • Time relevant promotions and offers
  • Up to date Terms & Conditions
  • Key process functionality
  • Customer review transparency
  • Finance calculators
  • Demo or appointment booking facilities
  • Contact information

Alongside website audits, we can combined progressing to the next stage of the enquiry process, by conducting online, email, telephone or physical mystery shopping services.

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