VISION Online Reporting Platform

Once our mystery shop assessor submits the completed mystery shop evaluation. The output is quality controlled by our team of evaluators at PiP HQ, before it is provided to the client online via our ‘VISION’ reporting platform, along with the agreed questionnaire. The questionnaire evaluates and measures the experience against each client’s specific sales and retail customer service standards.

Along with the output of the mystery shop, (e.g., video footage, call recording, completed questionnaire etc…) VISION hosts an extensive range of reporting tools, insightful dashboards, drill-down cross-tabulated analysis, action planning, video coaching support and more...

Our VISION platform has been fully developed by our in-house IT software development team – meaning we’ve been able to build a reporting suite completely bespoke to our mystery shopping programmes and activity. The site also encompasses encrypted security with ‘Check’ approved testing, with individual user sign-on capabilities with multiple levels of accessibility.

Vision 2
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