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When it comes to delivering customer service excellence, we’ll help you get your ducks in line

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As the largest UK mystery shopping company, you can rely on us to deliver the biggest, most complex customer experience programmes on time to the highest quality.

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Process is what we want our people to do, Behaviours is how we want them to do it. Our unique Behavioural Measurement Score (BMS®) measures and improves the face-to-face and telephone behaviours that impact most on customer experience.

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If the current focus is purely on the latest sales transactions, we can make your customers’ potential lifetime value consideration part of the service proposition.

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We can help your people to fly! By focusing our programmes on their development, as much as the measurement of performance

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We areexpertsat customerexperience.
We area dynamic,creativebusiness.
We arethe bestat whatwe do.
Exceptionalclient brandsuse ourservices.
We areexpertsat customerexperience.Ourprogrammesaddvalue.We area dynamic,creativebusiness.We arethe bestat whatwe do.Exceptionalclient brandsuse ourservices.

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