Key Benefits of Training and Coaching for Team Leaders

When hiring new team leaders or promoting employees from within the company, training is commonly part of the onboarding process.

When hiring new team leaders or promoting employees from within the company, training is commonly part of the onboarding process. However, once settled into their new role, not all employees in leadership roles receive ongoing support in the form of training and coaching. This can have a negative impact on day-to-day performance not just for leaders, but also for their teams, and continuous training can be hugely beneficial.

One particular area that requires ongoing attention is customer service. Equipping team leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to coach employees to become even better can have a significant impact on business outcomes. At Performance in People, we have an innovative approach to leadership development. Our Coaching Behavioural Excellence (CBX) workshops can help elevate leadership capabilities and it’s a powerful development tool. Our workshops are meticulously designed by customer service training consultants, ensuring they provide everything required to deliver impactful results and boost customer satisfaction.


Overview of CBX Training and Coaching

CBX training for leadership development is tailored to provide team leaders with an enhanced understanding of the Behavioural Measurement Score (BMS®) and use this to improve the customer experience being provided. This coaching program covers various leadership skills, from effective communication to team motivation strategies, and can teach leaders how to get the very best out of their teams. With four 60-90 minute modules, CBX training can transform how team leaders lead by example and enhance the overall performance of employees.

Over the years, our team at Performance in People has delivered CBX training to some well-known brands looking to achieve excellence in customer experience. From Audi UK to The Cumberland Building Society, our game-changing coaching methodology has been rolled out to managers and has had transformational effects. You can find out more about the impact CBX has had on these businesses by reading our case studies.

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Key Benefits of Coaching Workshops

The training and coaching workshops we provide offer numerous benefits for team leaders, employees and businesses as a whole. Through an in-depth understanding of the Behavioural Measurement Score (BMS®) and the application of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching (C&B®), these workshops can elevate leadership and organisational performance;

  • Direct Impact on Customer Satisfaction - When leaders learn how to leverage the BMS® methodology, focusing on behaviours that significantly influence customer satisfaction, they can improve service quality. Every customer will have a positive experience, directly impacting retention and profitability.

  • Team Motivation for Excellence - The right training empowers leaders to foster positive behaviours in the workplace and encourage teams to continue performing at their best. This organisation-wide commitment to excellence can make a significant difference to everyday operations and the customer experience.

  • Personalised Development Strategies - Using a combination of observational, reflective and mystery shopping insights, leaders can tailor their approach to meet the unique needs of their employees. This can promote a culture of continuous improvement and help to get the most out of team members.

  • Insightful Benchmarking Data - By integrating BMS® into their leadership toolkit, organisations can gain access to valuable benchmarking information. This data allows you to compare your performance against industry standards and identify areas for improvement or competitive advantage.

  • Adaptable Leadership in a Changing Market - The coaching workshops we offer prepare leadership teams to navigate shifts in the business landscape with agility, applying BMS® and C&B® techniques to maintain high levels of team performance. So, you can ensure customer satisfaction amidst change.

  • Foundation for Long-Term Success - By focusing on the development of key customer service behaviours and strategic coaching skills for employee performance, the workshops provide leadership teams with a solid foundation for sustained organisational success. Driven by leadership excellence, organisations can continue to meet their goals and the expectations of their customers.

Boosting Long-term Success With Effective Training and Coaching

The investment in training and coaching for team leaders offers several benefits and paves the way for long-term success. By nurturing skilled, motivated and adaptable leaders, businesses can experience not only improved team performance in the short term but also enhanced resilience and competitiveness in the long run. Leaders equipped with CBX training are better prepared to face the challenges, drive innovation and lead teams to sustained success.

All in all, the CBX workshops we offer at Performance in People are ideal for leadership development programmes. If you want to increase the performance of your leaders and their teams, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our customer service training consultants provide highly interactive and engaging workshops, and we can help you navigate the complexities of the modern business environment. To make training and coaching as convenient as possible, we offer virtual workshops, so leaders can participate from anywhere and easily fit the modules into their busy schedules. Ultimately, investing in CBX training is not just an investment in individual leaders, but in your organisation's future.