Exceptional client feedback received for Q2 2022: “PiP is the mystery shopping partner of choice”

See what our clients had to say about the programmes we delivered in Q2 2022...

Most of the mystery shopping programmes run by Performance in People (PiP) are quarterly (every 3 months), and following the end of a quarter, they always ask for feedback from clients on various aspects of their completed wave of mystery shop activity. PiP continuously strive to improve their systems, processes and team performance so they can deliver a premium service to their clients.

Client Survey Questions

PiP delve into all parts of mystery shopping programme delivery including the quality of field-based UK mystery shoppers, performance of head office Account Directors and Programme Management Teams, the timeliness and quality of the mystery shop output (e.g., video mystery shop files, completed mystery shopping questionnaires etc.) and usefulness of VISION, PiP’s online reporting platform.

Q2 2022 Programme Delivery Stats

During quarter 2 of this year (April, May, June 2022), we delivered over 17,000 mystery shop evaluations, audits and training & coaching workshop events including;

Q2 2022 programme infographic

What our clients said:

The business is overwhelmed with the exceptional comments received by their clients for this period of activity;

“Joe and Rachel are always very help and extremely prompt in dealing with any request I have.”

“Rich is always prompt to deal with any questions, very supportive when it comes to help using the online reporting portal for evaluations and reports.”

“A brilliant focused team. I couldn`t imagine working for another supplier. Reporting is 1st class.”

Mystery Shoppers are exceptionally good at being natural and behaving just like a customer would. Even when they may come across something that throws them off their brief, they are able to handle that to keep the conversation and scenario in store professional and realistic.”

“PiP have on occasions gone above and beyond with being able to pull something out of the bag super quick for us and this is greatly appreciated.”

“What can I say ... amazing 😊 Lloyd and Lom are very efficient, approachable, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly.”

“What an amazing team you have. I mainly deal with Natasha and Chantelle. They too are super-efficient, very helpful and friendly. It`s great to work with them on a daily basis.”

“I would 100% recommend PiP. The bms® is a game changer! There is so much more value and insight in your programme, plus your team make it superb too.”

“PiP recently visited our HQ to run through the Q2 insights and plans for Q4. It was extremely useful, there have been some great ideas to come from it and I found Ryan`s input has given me a greater understanding of how to drive improvement within our network via mystery shopping. Thank you all for the continued support.”

“Lloyd and Lom are superb. The value they add in terms of format and structure is fantastic. They listen to our goals, make really helpful suggestions and are always willing to accommodate and compromise if our requirements change unexpectedly (as they sometimes do!)”

“I have always been very impressed by Scott and the team, they’re clear about what is and what is not possible, giving good advice and always striving to be the best.”

“Very happy with Ellie who attends to all my needs and keeps me informed. For me, PiP is the mystery shopping partner of choice.”

Thank you Team!

PiP are proud of what our team deliver, the hard work and dedication that goes into delivering bespoke and complex mystery shopping programmes is impressive! An extra special thanks to the people that got a special mention in some of our client feedback:

Some of the world class brands PiP work with includes:

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