The Evolution of the Behavioural Measurement Score (BMS®)

As we approach the 10 year anniversary of the award-winning Behavioural Measurement Score®, we take a look back at where it all started and how it's evolved over time...

2014 BMS


Where it all began… Performance in People was rapidly growing and marking thousands of Mystery Shopping Videos for some of the UK’s biggest brands. CEO, Mike Dalloz received a call from a client asking to review a recent visit that had taken place in one of its stores. The mystery shop had scored 100%, yet the interaction was bland and the score didn’t reflect the service that the customer received. This showed that strong mystery shopping results can be achieved by ticking the appropriate process ‘boxes.

PiP propose a solution! PiP needed a methodology that enabled clients to measure both what they want their people to do (process) and critically, how they are delivering customer service (behaviours).

Analysing thousands of mystery shopping data points, PiP identified the 6 Key Behaviours that influence the customer experience – and the Behavioural Measurement Score (BMS®) was born.

2015 BMS v2


Characteristics & Definitions Library: Despite the BMS® concept being widely used by clients, early analysis found that 6 key behaviours alone are too subjective to be measured consistently. PiP developed a library of over 100 behavioural characteristics (positive and negative), alongside behavioural definitions and a zero to five scoring system. This created objective codification that can be replicated consistently.

2016 BMS


BMS® is now adopted by over 50 major brands! Clients from the retail and automotive industry are using BMS® to improve their staff CX performance.

BMS® Improves Business Results! Independent research shows a direct correlation between enhanced BMS® performance and customer satisfaction data, alongside key commercial metrics.

PiP appointed Emma Porter as BMS® Manager to:

  • Continuously focus on characteristic review and analysis to ensure relevance to changes in customer experience standards.
  • Ensure evaluator marking consistency.
  • Conduct monthly BMS® audits and one-to-one training sessions for all staff members who score the BMS® methodology.

PiP created a dedicated Insights team to publish industry benchmarking analysis around BMS® performance.

2017 BMS


The BMS® awards were launched! Over 15,000 mystery shops are evaluated each quarter with the best BMS® performances celebrated and awarded with a prestigious engraved trophy, champagne, and up to £500!

BMS® enhanced research around customer expectations across 14 face-to-face service environments. PiP are now able to provide gap analysis comparing client performance against real consumer expectations.

2018 BMS


BMS® fuels the growth of PiP! PiP is now operating as the largest supplier of mystery shopping services in the UK.

2019 BMS


BMS® for telephone interactions was launched with a focus on 4 key telephone behaviours (Friendly, Professional, Interested and Helpful). Client demand for a BMS® metric for telephone interactions accelerated during the pandemic.

2022 BMS


Rebrand! BMS® and PiP go through a completely fresh new look with a new logo, website, and imagery including the BMS® branding.

Service Styles Development: BMS® evolves in sophistication to account for different service environments and behavioural expectations: Full Sales, Assisted Purchase, and Self-Select.

BMS® gets Gold for the Best CX Measurement and bronze for the best CX innovation at the prestigious CXA awards.

2023 BMS v2


BMS® is now adopted by 100’s of major UK and international brands. PiP has organically grown to become the UK’s largest mystery shopping agency.