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Halifax Bank of Scotland

“We decided to look around at a number of different training consultancies. We wanted someone that matched our requirements, both in terms of our culture, our passion, our enthusiasm and we stumbled upon, through recommendation by Visa, Performance in People. 

As soon as we met Performance in People we knew that we’d got the right people – they certainly matched our expectations, and it was all about developing the training needs analysis and so on. Now, we have had a magnificent relationship with these guys, going forward, and it really has benefited all of us. 

The benefits that we have had, some of them we expected, but some of the other benefits we didn’t expect. We didn’t expect people to look forward so much to the training events themselves. We thought they would see that as a bit of a chore, and that they would come away from these things having learnt a few things…the percentages are, I think, you remember 10% of what you learn on a training course. 

Through working with PiP but also through using with our own training coaches, we’ve seen that retention of knowledge just be sky high, because of the events themselves, because of the commitments that we’ve made to affirming that knowledge after the event, and we hope to continue that relationship with PiP going forward for a considerable amount of time.”

Stephen Webster, Head of Customer Services, Personal Lending, HBOS (Halifax-Bank of Scotland)

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