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Overcoming objections with big-ticket sales

Thursday 18th May 2017

When a customer is not prepared to commit to a big-ticket purchase, the delicate process of uncovering the real reasons for non-committal must commence. In some cases, the customer will be explicit about the reasons. For example:

  • The price is just too high
  • The part exchange deal isn’t good enough
  • I don’t want a monthly repayment that is over £750

When the customer presents an explicit objection, take hold of opportunity to overcome that objection. For example, if the customer makes it obvious that the barrier is cost, attempt to get commitment to proceed if a financial adjustment is made.

Sales Representative:

“OK let me see what I can do, but I need your commitment. If I can get you another £3,000 off the total cost of your kitchen, do we have a deal?”

(Hand extended for a handshake to seal the buyer commitment should it be agreed).

In many cases the customer will not be explicit about the reasons. Sometimes they are masking a better deal or preferred kitchen elsewhere. Sometimes they are genuinely undecided and sometimes their demons are at work demanding space and time before committing to purchase.


“OK I now need to think about it. I’ll be in contact soon.”

Overcoming the “I need to think about it” statement is one of the hardest things to do in any sales process. Don’t be afraid to ask them what is holding them back.

Sales Representative:

“No problem at all, can I just ask, what is it specifically that’s holding you back?”

Often this question can be enough to uncover the explicit reason, providing you with the direct opportunity to overcome that objection.

Performance in People is experienced in delivering workshops which provide advanced selling skills to Sales Executives selling ‘Big Ticket’ sales products. The workshop introduces sophisticated techniques including closing and overcoming objection techniques to drive increased sales conversation and sales values.

If you would like more information about our programme support workshops, contact us directly. or 01983 568080.

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