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Investment in customer experience results in increased profit for Ryanair

Tuesday 26th May 2015

Budget airline Ryanair demonstrates how investing in customer service delivers big improvements to the bottom line.

For many years, Ryanair has consistently delivered the lowest pricing in European air space often at the expense of the customer experience. In the past, Ryanair seemed to feed off poor customer feedback, including a torrent of negativity around the possible introduction of charging to use the toilets. CEO Michael O’Leary has regularly commented that all customers are interested in, is the lowest prices.

Ryanair introduced their ‘Always Getting Better’ programme in 2014, which focuses on a Customer Charter and a range of customer experience initiatives including the introduction of allocated seating, a second free carry-on bag, new dedicated Family Extra and Business Plus services. These amongst other initiatives are about creating a cultural shift towards a key charter promise of ‘striving to make the customers’ travels an enjoyable experience’.

Recently announced, net profit this year has rose 66% emphasising the success this new scheme is bringing as it continues to attract millions of new customers to use the airline. It is great to see that this customer centric approach is, within a short space of time, already delivering fantastic commercial results.

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