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In-store shopping remains a popular choice for consumers

Thursday 2nd November 2017

A recent news article on the BBC has stated that despite the rise in online shopping, 85% of consumers still prefer to shop in-store.


With in-store shopping remaining a popular choice for consumers, it is important that organisations monitor their customer service to ensure customers keep coming back through the door. Performance in People (PiP) has over 17 years’ experience providing customer experience solutions to a wide base of world-class brands.


Video Mystery Shopping is the latest and most powerful way of experiencing the reality of service being delivered to your customers. It is the best way to monitor and measure these experiences against your prescribed service standards or sales processes. Our video mystery shopping programmes can also include our award winning Behavioural Measurement Score® (BMS®) which provides invaluable research into how 6 key behaviours and more than 200 corresponding characteristics impact on the customer experience. BMS® has been adopted by over 100 retail, automotive and hospitality brands as the science behind great customer service.

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PiP provides a tailored customer research service uncovering the real thoughts and feelings of customers. By addressing key parts of the customer journey and discovering what customers think of their experience, we can identify blockages to sales performance and the factors restricting service excellence. A single survey can be integrated across several formats, allowing participants to select their preferred survey method. PiP can conduct surveys in the following formats: Email, Web-based, Telephone, Face to Face, Printed and SMS.

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Sometimes our clients ask for mystery shopping visits to include checks on housekeeping standards, stock levels and customer facilities. To include this within a mystery shop would mean the assessor behaving in an unnatural way. However, this information is a vital part of the presentation of businesses to their customers. Secondly, it’s well known that people involved with a business on a day to day basis often fail to notice parts of their environment in need of attention. For example, signage, hedges, litter and paintwork. Housekeeping Audits are designed purely to monitor the ‘housekeeping’ and general environment of an outlet, including parking, signage, cleanliness and much more. Auditing can be a very in-depth process covering every aspect of a business. Housekeeping audits concentrate on areas likely to be noticed by your customers directly. These ideally take 20-30 minutes and are therefore extremely cost effective.

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PiP runs a number of programme support workshops to support managers and front line staff in delivering an excellent customer service. Our workshops are designed to run in conjunction with our mystery shopping programmes to encourage engagement and provide your teams with the necessary tools to improve their coaching, sales and customer experience skills. PiP has a core team of skilled individuals who are experienced in delivering our high energy, engaging and captivating programme support workshops. Our field based team can deliver anywhere across the UK!

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