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How to get your stores fully engaged with video mystery shop

Tuesday 10th October 2017

Video mystery shopping is the latest and most powerful means of experiencing the reality of your customer service and the best way to monitor and measure these experiences against your service standards or sales processes.

Whether an organisation is a sophisticated or unsophisticated user of video mystery shopping, Performance in People (PiP) has developed the ‘Self-Assessment’ function which allows an organisation to fully engage in their mystery shop footage and use it to its full potential – rather than purely focusing on the end score of the Video Mystery Shop.

This process requires the featured member of staff to review the footage online and score a selection of questions from their mystery shop questionnaire based on what they have observed. All evaluations are scored by PiP during the quality control process and the completed report is not available until the member of staff’s self-assessment has been completed.


  • Self-Assessment and coaching sessions work best when conducted by Managers or someone at managerial level (e.g. Assistant Managers). This method ensures consistency across the board; Continue & Begin® Action Planning is extremely time efficient and a great tool for Managers in developing their staff.
  • Managers can also check by simply asking featured members of staff “How was your one to one action plan on your last video mystery shop?” - it will soon become apparent whether it has been completed. 
  • Managers can monitor compliance with the planned review process through discrepancy and engagement reports which are specifically designed for self-assessment function. The report will indicate whether a member of staff has attempted to ‘fudge’ the process and input random entries into the system.
  • PiP can roll out a series of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® workshops to ensure Managers use the video mystery shop output in a positive and powerful way. Continue & Begin® creates rapid behavioural change in team members through effective people development which takes just a few minutes to apply.

If you would like to receive further information about Self-Assessment and how this function can help you get the most out of your video mystery shop output, contact us directly to discuss further. or 01983 568080.

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