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Do you know who your competitor is?

Thursday 11th May 2017

Performance in People (PiP) works with a number of world leading brands who sell ‘big ticket’ items across the automotive, retail, financial and hospitality sectors.

Establishing who your competitor is for many people may seem an obvious exercise. For example, a person who works in a retail store might assume their direct competition is only the other retailers who are open throughout the high street.

These days our competitors can be more obscure than you may think. In the world of big ticket sales, there are many demands on that cash; whether that demand be for a new bed or a new kitchen. You would be surprised if you knew on how many occasions the customer prioritised booking a holiday in the sunshine over the purchase of a new bed.

So, how do leading brands establish who they are competing against?

A sales executive will be able to understand what competition they are up against by establishing the emotional drivers that are influencing the customer’s decision. By asking key questions to uncover these drivers, the sales person will be able to make a connection with the customer and find the right product for them – driving their desire to purchase!

PiP is experienced in delivering workshops which provide advanced selling skills to Sales Executives selling ‘Big Ticket’ sales products. The workshop introduces sophisticated techniques such as establishing emotional drivers, using visualisation, understanding who is your competitor, closing and overcoming objection techniques to drive increased sales conversation and sales values.

If you would like more information about our programme support workshops, contact us directly. or 01983 568080.

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